What is luxury?

What is luxury?

Luxury is a changing term that means different things to different people. The traditional dictionary definition of luxury, as defined by Merriam-Webster, states that luxury is a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. Luxury is also defined as something adding to pleasure or comfort that is not absolutely necessary.

When it comes to luxury goods, the criteria that define those items is very straight forward – it must be made from the finest materials, with precision craftsmanship and timeless design; it may also be very rare and expensive. A more modern definition of luxury involves looking at the world around us and deciding what is meaningful to us as individuals. Whether it’s a 100-year old bottle of Cognac or finding time in your day to meditate, the definition of luxury will be as varied as fingerprints.

Certainly, our view of luxury has changed as we faced lockdowns and other restrictive measures during the pandemic of this past year. We’ve all had time to think about the world around us and what is truly important. Luxury has become having a phone conversation with a friend, not having to hop on an airplane every week for business travel, or even just something as simple as a walk outside after being cooped up working from home all day. Over the past months, we’ve all spent time contemplating that which is most important to us individually and collectively. That has led to a new view of luxury, one that redefines luxury as a set of ideals. Products continue to be made using only the finest materials, but the new spin on how luxury is defined includes making items in such a way that they respect both those who are creating the product and the impact of the manufacturing process on the planet.

Right now, as we begin to stir out of lockdown, while still remaining cautious, luxury is about communicating with others, in part through how we choose to style our clothing. Perhaps you have a birthday coming up. It’s still tricky getting together with a lot of people, so you’re doing what everyone has been doing this past year — you’re having a Zoom birthday party. What does one wear to a Zoom birthday party? You’re probably thinking of just throwing on anything, but you want to look good for the party guests even if you are only seeing them on a computer screen. And if you’re only going to be seen from the waist up, you can certainly wear a comfy pair of sweats. But what about the top half? It always seems like more of a party when we all dress up. Top those cozy sweats with a beautiful French cuff sleeved shirt (you don’t have to tuck it in) then pop on a pair of cufflinks to finish the look and add some luxe to the occasion. Choose cufflinks such as the Rock of Gibraltar, set by our talented artisans with glowing moonstones and sparkling brown diamonds, for a Zoom ready look that will make a festive statement on screen.


Maybe it’s your anniversary and the two of you are planning on celebrating at home. Why not make the moment even more special by dressing up as if you are going out? You can go as fancy or as causal as you want, but special occasions do often call for special clothes. Whatever you decide to wear, cufflinks will always elevate your look. From an elegant pair of gold and diamond Round Illumination cufflinks to diamond pave peace symbols there is always a pair of David Gotlib cufflinks that will suit your personal style or mood.

The luxury of time to just “be” is perhaps one of the greatest luxuries of all. At the end of a day filled with all the responsibilities of home schooling and hours of work from home online meetings, the biggest luxury of all is finding some time for yourself. A time when you can put on your pajama bottoms topped with an untucked French cuff shirt. Add cufflinks that have shining gemstones, such as the Paramount Purple that showcases a pair of amethyst and you’re all set to enjoy your evening any way you choose.