The Beginning of a New Adventure

The Beginning of a New Adventure

A New Beginning

Christmas and New Year mark a new beginning. A new adventure awaits.
It’s kind of looking back and forward at the same time.

There’s an intense joy in knowing I will see my loved ones and wish them all the best.

To these meaningful moments, I am happy to add magic.

Cheers to 2021

Take time

You have to take time to make something timely…
So time is what I would like to wish you.

Time to prepare for the new year.

Time to chose personal gifts.

Time to spend with your loved ones.

Time to make a wish list full of good intentions.

Time to embed all those precious days and persons in your memory.

Adding magic to a gift

The true meaning of a valuable gift, is that it transcends the idea of ‘I give you something, in the hope to get something else in return’.

There’s a great Latin proverb that catches the idea in three tiny words: do ut des (I give so you give back).

A gift is not a business transaction, what matters is the whole package. What do you give? How do you give it?
And most important: why do you give it?

Recently, a friend told me he got the cufflinks he was wearing on his wedding day. A present of his father.
When he looks at his cufflinks now, he is taken back to his wedding, back to his father.

I love the fact that I have the honor to add magic to those special moments in other people’s lives.

A good wish is a personal one

“I wish you a good health.”

I think that must be the most popular New Year’s wish of all time. And rightfully so, because without health, well… –
I’ll put it bluntly – life sucks.

Yet if I would wish my energetic teenage sons a good health, I guess they will think: “Yeah, right, boomer.”

Making wishes as personal as possible, takes them to the next level. And that’s the level I want them to be…

The message a personal wish carries is: you matter to me, so I am happy to take the time to say something I hope makes a difference.

If you know someone had a tough professional year, don’t hesitate to say something like: “I hope your business goes well. It may have been a terrible year, but I believe in you. You can make it happen.”

A strong tradition

The turning of the year passes in the blink of an eye. And yet
I crave the moment. For weeks I look forward to be surrounded by family and close friends – and in that longing I already find pleasure.

Being together. Sharing stories, the good ones ánd the bad ones, of the past 12 months.

Sometimes burying the hatchet and (figuratively) smoking the peace pipe. It’s all part of a strong tradition that defines even stronger bonds.

I like to think of New Year as a chance to push the reset button. Sure, things go awry once in a while. But isn’t it nice to realize that most of the times you can always change course and set sail in the right direction?

That’s why I value good intentions.
Even if some intentions turn out to be wishful thinking,
they remain beautiful, because they define who we are –
or at least who we want to be.

Wishing you all the best