Jewelry: it’s HIS turn

Jewelry: it’s HIS turn

Finally! That was the first thing I thought when I saw the 2020 Award Season’s reports and the increasing presence of men wearing jewelry on the red carpet. In the words of one jewelry expert: men’s jewelry was the real winner of the season.

Let me just name some men that stood out with striking accessories at the 2020 Oscars. We saw Anthony Ramos wearing a sumptuous gold plate and gemstone collar with a matching bar pin by Dolce & Gabbana. Mahershala Ali showed off a splendid crystal amulet, combined with black spinels and Colombian emerald silver ring. Elton John and husband David Furnish caught our eye wearing sparkling diamond brooches as did Antonio Banderas and Taika Waititi. Likewise Timothée Chalamet carried a stunning vintage Cartier diamond and ruby pin and not to mention Billy Porter’s unforgettable look.

The Grammy Awards, a month earlier, also demonstrated how men’s jewelry is taking the lead role. Shaun Ross could hardly be missed in his pearl outfit, completed with pearl and diamond drop earrings. Shawn Mendes had a diamond and malachite necklace (Bulgari). Gucci Mane sported a double diamond variant and music producer Diplo dazzled in a vintage turquoise and diamond necklace (Bulgari).

A revolution in aesthetics, not stature

Looking at history, in ancient times, men of stature have always been adorned lavishly with gold, silver and precious stones, maybe even more than women.

Think of portraits of Louis XIV or Henry VIII, and you sometimes wonder how they were able to walk with all that bling on their heads, around necks, wrists and fingers.

In the modern age, men started wearing less and less jewelry,
limited mostly to a wristwatch and a wedding band.

Bracelets, earrings and necklaces were probably the first items that found their way back into men’s looks, but limited to only a few simple designs with barely any color. For rings, other than – in most cases modest – wedding rings, the only exception was the sports or signet ring.

More extravagant jewelry became associated with certain subcultures and artistic scenes. The hip hop culture, for example, took wearing jewelry to a whole new level, with eye-blinding bling, in which the sheer size of the jewelry piece defines the rapper’s stature.

This led to rings, earrings and necklaces of ridiculous proportions and outrageous designs, in which jewelry is just made for the purpose of it.

His, hers, theirs

But those culture specific trends aside, what we are seeing today is nothing short of a revolution in the realm of men’s jewelry. It is a revolution in the aesthetics of style, not stature. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins, brooches, even tiara’s,… There are virtually no more limits to the type of jewelry that can be worn by men. And it doesn’t have to be rugged materials and designs neither. His, hers, theirs is the new motto.

I will be perfectly honest with you. Like undoubtedly many men, I frowned more than once when seeing some of the things male celebs were wearing on the red carpet. And I am sure many among you agree with me when I say that some of the looks were a step too far for my personal taste. But that is not what I mean by “it’s his turn”…

On the right track

Compare it to what haute couture is to everyday fashion, or supercars for the car industry. They represent the outer edge of a spectrum, an aspirational and more importantly inspirational dynamic.

When the first haute couture designer created a look with sneakers for example, this marked the start of an era in which sneakers transformed from sportswear to everyday wear. Supercars set out trends in terms of design – shape, colors, features – but also the materials, tools and technology that trickle down into conventional car designs.

The revolution of men wearing jewelry breaks a certain barrier, which allows men to personalize their style and add flair to their look. It literally says that men are not limited in wearing jewelry, and this will undoubtedly spark many designers to create jewelry for men outside the traditional scope. And rightly so. Because you don’t need to jump into the extravagant jewelry pieces to get out of the bland “watch and ring” restrictions.

Well-chosen, subtle pieces of fine jewelry, like our DAVID GOTLIB collection of bespoke cufflinks, are the proverbial finishing touch to a look, whatever the style you choose. If you ask me, our cufflinks are a perfect example of a must-have in HIS jewelry box. (and yes, it is about time for men’s jewelry cases that go beyond watch collections)

Let’s say, we are on the brink of a new age in jewelry, focusing on men, and for that reason, I can only say…
We are definitely on the right track!