How to Buy the Perfect Cufflinks for a (Valentine’s Day) Gift

How to Buy the Perfect Cufflinks for a (Valentine’s Day) Gift

Hearts are everywhere and love is in the air as we look to Valentine’s Day to celebrate all types of love from romance with your life partner to adoration of your children. No matter who you love, Valentine’s Day allows us all to stop for a moment and appreciate those we love the most.

What better way to express your love than with a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift that your sweetheart will treasure forever? Cufflinks are just that and much more, they always fit and they come in a variety of styles and designs, so you’re sure to find something that will appeal to your Valentine.

The secret to giving a truly fabulous Valentine’s Day gift that will be genuinely appreciated is to think about the person that you are gifting and what they like. It’s easy to buy something for someone that you like and think it’s wonderful, but take the next step — will the person who is receiving the gift love it and cherish it as you intend? Yes, if you get the right gift, which is not as daunting as it may seem, especially when you are choosing cufflinks. When selecting cufflinks, it’s very simple to pick just the right pair for your Valentine when you consider the lifestyle of the one you are gifting.

The simplest place to start is with career.
Is the one you love starting out in their career? A nice set of classic gold cufflinks may be just the thing for an upcoming attorney or banker. Simple geometric designs, crafted in luxurious gold and detailed with textured finishes will go easily from the office to an evening out (when those days return). And the timeless style of gold jewelry will last a lifetime. There are many choices in the DAVID GOTLIB Gold Fever cufflink collection. You can never go wrong with the simple elegance of gold accented with shimmering diamonds. They’re perfect with a business suit, or more casual khaki’s and a jacket. Beyond work, gold cufflinks are perfectly understated to wear out to dinner or to a club with jeans and a crisp white shirt.

For someone who is more established in their career, cufflinks that reflect their status will be a welcome gift. For this person, you may want to consider a more sophisticated pair of cufflinks, such as those from DAVID GOTLIB’s Prado collection. These cufflinks are filled with refined architectural details and imbued with influences from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. They also showcase exceptional gems for the discerning gentleman. The person who wears designer suits will find cufflinks from the Prado Collection to be just the right finishing touch.

They also dress up a more casual look as well, elevating an entire outfit while underscoring your Valentine as a person of impeccably good taste.

If your sweetheart works in a more creative profession, an art director at a social media agency, or a photographer, for example, they will have a much different take on style. They may wear black Chuck Taylor’s, black jeans and a shirt with a pop of color that is instantly cool especially when the cuffs are punctuated with jeweled skull or black diamond bat cufflinks.

They’re a little bit edgy, a little bit rock n’ roll and they have a lot of attitude that will resonate with an outgoing, creative personality.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that is filled with meaning and speaks to the personality of the recipient, cufflinks are the perfect choice. Cufflinks that appeal to personal style will be especially meaningful to your Valentine as the chosen pair will show the love and thought that you put into the selection of your sweetheart’s gift. And as a gift of love, they will, of course, be treasured forever.