Fathers are today’s great discoverers

Fathers are today’s great discoverers

Every day, I have the privilege to work with gems of value, precious materials and elegant designs. Deep in my heart, I hope each of my creations is a marker of a happy moment.

Talking about extraordinary moments. I remember it well, Father’s Day the year I started making my cufflinks and gave one of my first creations to my father. It was more than a gift. It was me saying to him: this is what I do now and I could not have done it without everything you gave me.
I could not have done it without the values and visions you shared with me, without the education I got from you

Yes, it made both my father and me proud. But more importantly, it was the celebration of the beauty of being a father. Of fatherhood.

The first hour of the first day of your first child

It takes just a few minutes to become a father, but fatherhood takes a lifetime. There’s a saying that father is a verb. I believe being a father is a great, but very difficult job that comes with tons of responsibilities. It’s a status you cannot shed.

The first hour of the first day of your first child, transforms you forever. Because you know you have an important task to do: preparing them for life. To do so, equals investing in them every day – and yes, from time to time it also means lying awake, worrying for hours at night.

Fathers should be explorers. Great discoverers of the personality of their own children. I’m sure you will agree that finding out who they really are, what temperament and character they have, is a journey into unknown territory. I feel blessed that I have five kids, each and every one is as different as can be. It’s just fantastic to see how they all develop differently.

Back in the days, left-handed children were forced into writing with their right hand – just a small example of how ‘pushy’ things were. Today we know we should cherish the small peculiarities everybody has and that makes you ‘you’.


As a father, you have to get to know your own child in order for him or her to flourish. You have to take the time to talk, to listen. Sometimes you have to be a firm guide and teach them what really matters.

Personally, I think it’s very important my children are well aware – and thankful! – of the privileged life we live in Europe. You can’t overestimate the luxury of having food, of living in peace, of having health facilities, good schooling… Maybe I’m too hard on that, but I believe the awareness helps them to value the beautiful things in life even more.

Sometimes you have to accept they have a different opinion, it may be a valuable and respectable one that deserves your support. Fathers should really believe in their children, and they should always know you are there for them. Especially when they make mistakes.

Two of my kids are currently getting their driver’s license. As everybody knows, this is always accompanied by some stress… But they know my rule #1: CDF! You may have ABS on your brakes and lots of other options on the car, but when something happens: CDF, Call Dad First! Whatever the issue, I may be angry, but I’m always on your side and we will always face the problem and find a solution together. I’m there for you. I’m your best friend.

“Well done, Dad”

The biggest gift my children can give me, is them being proud of me: “Well done, dad”, sounds like heaven.

“Well done dad”, is also what I would like to say to my father. With Father’s Day on the way, I guess I don’t explicitly say or show often enough how much I appreciate and love him. We have a strong bond and know each other very well. I consider myself very lucky to be working together for twenty years. Just by looking at his posture I know: for dad, this is a good day.

You know, my father always has time for me. I know that if I want his advice, I can count on him no matter what. That’s something special and rare, I realize. And the older I grow, the more that makes me thankful.